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Friday, May 7, 2010

Wash your hands

In conjunction of the recurrent of H1N1, Malaysians are encouraged to maintain personal hygiene to prevent the spread of influenza A(H1N1).

We are advised:
  • Practise good hand hygiene – frequent hand-washing with soap and water, ensuring all surfaces of the hands are cleaned. Once washed, dry hands thoroughly with a clean dry towel.
  • Practise good cough and sneeze etiquette – cough into the crook of your elbow rather than your hands. Sneeze into a tissue to minimize hand contact, discard tissue, and wash your hands immediately.
  • Avoid touching mouth, nose and eyes with hands.
  • Use hand sanitiser if soap and water is unavailable.
  • Regularly disinfect all commonly touched areas, such as door knobs, taps, light switches, TV remote controls, and computer keyboards.
  • Seek advice from your doctor via telephone first if you are feeling unwell and displaying flu-like symptoms. Do not go to work.
Proper hygiene practices play an important role in minimizing the spread of germs and infections.

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